FAQs on Symptoms and Disorders

How do I deal with my anger?

It is important to realize that the emotion of anger is a good and necessary emotion which plays a crucial role in our lives. Anger, under the guidance of reason, enables us to avoid difficulties and overcome obstacles. Feeling and Healing Your Emotions is a good resource to find an in-depth discussion about anger. The single CD on “anger” and “premature forgiveness” (Premature Forgiveness: When to Forgive and How) by Dr. Baars is also very helpful.

What is Emotional Deprivation Disorder?

Emotional Deprivation Disorder is a syndrome that results from a lack of authentic affirmation in early life. It is more severe in its effects on the adult person than the unaffirmed state. Read our page on Emotional Deprivation Disorder.

Is it okay to diagnose myself?

It is always best to have a licensed therapist make a diagnosis of an emotional disorder. Many people recognize themselves in Dr. Baars’ and Dr. Terruwe’s books. However, it is important to have an objective clinician evaluate your symptoms.

I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). What can I do to help myself?

It is important to find a warm, caring and knowledgeable therapist, preferably one who understands Drs. Terruwe and Baars’ therapy for repressive disorders. Next, read and understand the concepts in Psychic Wholeness and Healing and Feeling and Healing Your Emotions. In addition, there are a number of CDs available through this website, especially the “Affirmation and Psychic Incarnation” self-help CDs by Dr. Conrad W. Baars. Learning about the emotional life and that all emotions are good and necessary to one’s psychological health and wholeness precede the practice of accepting one’s emotions as they arise. This is part of living what is called the affirming life.