Johnathan Sumpter, MA, LPC

Born and raised on the Plains of West Texas, where the only thing farther reaching than the horizon is your mind’s capacity for imagination, Johnathan Sumpter set off on a journey to discover how we fully experience this God-given world around us. He first found comfort and solace in his Catholic Christian Faith. After nearly two decades in ministering to youth, young adults and adults, five years care as a spiritual director, countless mission trips to Mexico, Honduras and Peru, church leadership and public speaking around the country, Johnathan finished his psychological studies and delved further in to the human experience.

His perspective has also been informed by nearly a decade of combined work in clinical settings: providing psychoeducational groups and aiding clinical assessments at a children’s psychological assessment center, working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, providing marriage and family counseling in a hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Acute Care Unit, as well as supporting clients with psychotherapy in two different outpatient therapy centers, an inpatient hospital, and in a private practice. Trained in the theories of CBT, Narrative Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Not to be outdone by any practical experience, he also was a vacuum salesperson for four days before realizing he sucked at sales (pun intended); worked at McDonalds and did manual labor in High School; and Fed Ex and Starbucks in College. A musician by hobby, a therapist by craft, a voracious reader by night, and an avid movie watcher by sheer delight, Mr. Sumpter adds practical and theoretical know-how to support and empower his clients to seek the greatest version of themselves. He is a portent of hope, even when the evidence lay hidden amidst a paradoxical semblance of self.

A graduate of West Texas A&M with a BA in Psychology, Marquette University with an MA in Counseling, and the University of Dallas with an MBA with an emphasis in Health Systems Administration. Johnathan looks forward to working with you to discover your true, God-given self, with the boundless capacity of His love, mercy and grace, despite where you may find yourself or what may skew your path.

Johnathan works well treating depression, anxiety, life transitions, marriage preparation, couples issues, men and masculinity, childhood behavioral issues, ADHD, anger issues, care-giver support, grief, self-doubt/low self-esteem, and mental illnesses.

Serving individuals ages 7 and up, couples and families. Faith infused, solution focused therapy.

45 minute sessions; base fee $100, evening and weekend sessions available.