About Maribel R. Laguna, M.A.

maribel-r-laguna_190wEveryone is made in the image and likeness of God. Sometimes, psychological wounds prevent us from experiencing God’s love and mercy. A true healing integrates mind, body and spirit and allows the human person to love and be loved, thereby experiencing true joy. As a counselor, it is an honor to accompany clients in the journey of healing.

I think that everyone deserves to feel better. Unfortunately life happens and throws us a curve ball. This can leave us feeling out of sorts. We try to put our life “back together” as best we can seeking help from family or friends. Sometimes this is not enough. This is where I come in, helping you find a way to make a run even if life pitches you one curve ball after another. At times it will be difficult and you may feel like you struck out but with practice, guidance, and uncovering inner strength you can make a run maybe even a homerun.

​I have general training to treat various psychological issues. I am passionate in helping couples and families heal in an age of rising divorce rates, in addition to helping adolescents manage the difficulties of “growing up.”

Hablo español y tengo mucha experiencia trabajando con la comunidad Latina.