I Will Give Them a New Heart: Reflections on the Priesthood and Renewal of the Church

Insights of a world renowned psychiatrist to aid priests, religious and laypersons.



“Addressing the needs of the faithful necessitates addressing the needs of those who bring Christ to us in a special way – priests, religious and consecrated persons. In a time burdened with doubt, mistrust, and suspicion of the Church and those who serve her, Dr. Baars presents profound insight to aid laypersons, priests and religious in order to help usher in a new springtime of life into the Church. “In seeking remedies for the trials and scandals that plague the Church in the world, the lessons contained in this book should be placed in the hands of every bishop and major religious superior. The analysis of the mental and emotional causes and effective remedies of these problems presented by Anna Terruwe and Conrad Baars have been praised by Pope Paul VI and John Paul II. In basing their scientific principle upon revelation, the teaching of the Church and the philosophies of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi, they present lessons that obviously are founded upon a message presented by God through His beloved disciple John: that ‘that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son’… and that this ‘God of Love’ is the Source of Affirmation and healing. Rev. Gervase Cain, TOR. 303 pages. © St. Paul’s/Alba House.

Baars, Conrad W., I Will Give Them a New Heart: Reflections on the Priesthood and the Renewal of the Church. Suzanne M. Baars, MA & Bonnie N. Shayne, MA eds. St. Paul’s/Alba House, 2008.