Psychic Wholeness & Healing, 2nd Edition: Using All the Powers of the Human Psyche

An exploration of man’s psyche, integrated with his spiritual dimension. Essentially this book integrates modern psychological discoveries with the psychology of St. Thomas Aquinas. Dr. Terruwe and Dr. Baars take a refreshing look at the human person and healing from a Christian perspective, something which the secular humanistic, and scientific views of man fail to take into account.



As noted psychiatrists, authors, and lecturers, Baars and Terruwe excitingly blend medieval and classical notions of the human psyche together with modern clinical discoveries as they probe the topic of psychic wholeness and healing. The authors explore the entire human psyche, including man’s spiritual dimension, which is an area totally ignored by most modern psychiatrists–creating in modern man an ever-deepening sense of frustration in searching for effective psychiatric treatment for his emotional turmoil.

The books’ numerous detailed clinical case histories clarify the authors’ therapeutic principles. The following questions, among many others, are considered in this work: How best to help a person who lives in constant fear that he has committed a serious sin even though he knows he has not? Does a person who wants to live a moral life, yet cannot refrain from doing things that he knows are immoral, suffer from weakness of willpower or from a neurosis that would lend itself to therapy?
(*Please note that the words “psychic” and “psyche” in title of this book refer to “psychological” wholeness.)

Terruwe, Anna A. & Conrad W. Baars. Psychic Wholeness and Healing, 2nd Edition: Using All the Powers of the Human Psyche. Wipf and Stock, March 30, 2016.

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