Suzanne M. Baars, PhD.


Sue Baars is a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist in Irving, Texas, where she operates her private practice, In His Image Christian Counseling.  Sue has worked extensively in the field of counseling since 1986 in both hospital and outpatient settings, and focuses her work on the integration of the Christian anthropology of St. Thomas Aquinas with the treatment of a variety of emotional & spiritual problems, among them Emotional Deprivation Disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and scrupulosity.  She is also a popular presenter at Catholic conferences around the country, and has been a frequent guest on EWTN’s Women of Grace.  She often presents the work of her late father, psychiatrist and author Conrad Baars, a pioneer in the field of Catholic psychology. Sue  cites the cultural erosion of the family as the root of the lack of affirmation from which many people in our time suffer.

Some of Sue’s lecture series include: Made in His Image: Healing and Wholeness for Living the Affirming Life (4 CDs), and The Abode of Love: Developing the Heart (10 CDs). She and a colleague edited a collection of Dr. Baars’ articles and monographs related to the priesthood entitled, “I Will Give Them a New Heart: Reflections on the Priesthood and the Renewal of the Church.”

Sue has been on the faculty of the Institute for Priestly Formation almost every summer since 2008, where she teaches diocesan seminarians. She is a Past President of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association and holds a doctorate in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University.

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In His Image Counseling Center
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